5 Features Of Cliniko You Might Not Know About

May 12, 2023

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5 Features Of Cliniko You Might Not Know About

Cliniko is a comprehensive practice management software designed to help healthcare practitioners streamline their daily operations. Its features are designed to support all types of healthcare practices, ranging from small private clinics to larger multidisciplinary establishments.

In this article, we look at five features of Cliniko that you might not know about but can be beneficial for your clinic's success. These features include automated appointment reminders, e-signatures for documents, customisable forms, treatment note templates, calendar syncing and online payments.

In addition to these core functionalities, Cliniko also provides reporting and analytics tools and multi-location support for clinicians with multiple practices in different locations. These features can help improve the efficiency of your clinic’s operations and ensure that patient data is secure and easily accessible across multiple locations.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Automated Appointment Reminders provide a useful tool for streamlining the appointment process.

Cliniko is an online scheduling software that offers automated appointment reminders to help ensure that appointments are not missed or forgotten. Patients can receive text, email, and push notifications when scheduled appointments are approaching, ensuring they never miss an appointment.

Additionally, automated appointment reminders allow clinicians to save time by eliminating the need to manually send out reminder messages each day. Furthermore, these notifications can be customized with clinic-specific information and branding, allowing them to maintain their professional image while providing a personalized experience for their patients.

Automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows and cancellations while increasing patient satisfaction and loyalty—a win-win for both clinicians and patients alike!

E-Signatures for Documents

Electronic signatures are an integral part of document management in Cliniko, allowing for easier and faster completion of paperwork. Cliniko’s e-signature feature makes it simple to securely sign documents with a few clicks or taps.

Documents can be shared through email, text messages or even right within the system itself; once signed they become part of patient records and medical history. This helps to streamline processes while ensuring accuracy and security. E-Signatures also reduce paper waste and make it easier to store information electronically, thus helping clinics save time and money.

Cliniko ensures that all data is held securely so that patient confidentiality remains intact throughout the signing process. The ability for patients to easily sign documents online helps to create a smoother experience for both the clinic staff and their clients alike.

Customisable Forms

Customisable Forms provide users with the flexibility to tailor their forms to better meet their specific needs. Cliniko allows users to create custom forms for any purpose, such as patient intake forms, consent documents, and more. The customisation options are extensive and include different field types (text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons) as well as the ability to add images and videos into each form.

Users can even create multiple versions of the same form with different sets of questions depending on the context. This functionality makes it easier for professionals to collect the information they need in a timely manner while also providing an efficient way for patients or clients to fill out their forms accurately.

In addition, these customisable forms have built-in validation features that ensure all necessary data is collected before a document is signed off on. This helps eliminate errors from manual inputting of data and makes it easier for organisations to verify that all required fields were completed correctly by both signers prior to signing off on any kind of agreement.

By giving users the ability to control how they manage their data collection process through customisable forms, Cliniko has made it easy for practitioners and clients alike to save time while ensuring accuracy in data entry.

Treatment Note Templates

Treatment Note Templates offer a convenient way to quickly create and store notes for patient visits, providing practitioners with an efficient method of tracking progress.

Cliniko's treatment note template feature allows practitioners to select pre-made templates that are tailored to specific treatments and services, or they can create their own customised template to match their workflow. This not only ensures that the same information is gathered each time a patient visits, but also saves valuable time by avoiding unnecessary repetition of data entry.

Cliniko's treatment note template feature is comprehensive and easy-to-use, allowing practitioners to easily access relevant information about each visit. It also allows for personalisation of notes with the addition of images, videos, audio recordings and other types of multimedia content.

This gives practitioners greater flexibility in creating detailed records for each patient visit and helps ensure accurate documentation. All these features combine to make Cliniko's treatment note templates a powerful tool for streamlining patient care processes.

Calendar Syncing

Calendar syncing provides a streamlined solution to managing patient visits, allowing practitioners to easily coordinate their schedules and track progress.

Cliniko offers calendar synchronization capabilities with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Apple iCloud to increase workflow efficiency while maintaining the highest level of accuracy in scheduling. With this feature, practitioners can create appointments on their calendars with just one click, enabling them to quickly view upcoming patient visits and schedule new ones with ease.

The integration also allows for automatic updates so any changes made in Cliniko are automatically reflected in the connected calendars, minimizing manual errors and saving time for busy healthcare professionals. Furthermore, Cliniko users have the option of adding notes to each appointment that contain details about the type of treatment provided during the visit or any other information they might need for future reference.

By combining these features into one convenient platform, clinicians can save valuable time by streamlining the process of organizing and tracking their appointments.

Online Payments

Continuing in the discussion of features that may not be known about Cliniko, this article will now discuss how it simplifies online payments.

Cliniko makes payment collection from clients easier than ever before. With an integrated payment system, users can accept card payments directly through their practice's booking page, or have recurring payments set up with ease. This streamlined process helps practices save time and money while providing quick and secure payments to keep your business running smoothly.

Cliniko also offers a wide range of payment options for customers to choose from including Stripe, PayPal, Braintree and Square. Customers are able to pay with their preferred method without having to leave the booking page on Cliniko.

In addition, practices can customize tax rules for each invoice sent out so they can adhere to local regulations as needed. The ability to issue invoices quickly and securely within the platform makes it simple for practices to get paid faster and manage cash flow more easily.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics capabilities offered by Cliniko provide an efficient way to track performance, generate insights, and make informed decisions.

Cliniko offers users the ability to create tailored reports in a variety of formats such as graphs, charts, lists, or tables. This allows users to easily glean meaningful information from their data that can be used for strategizing and making informed decisions. The reporting features also allow users to export reports as PDFs so they can be shared with colleagues or clients quickly and easily.

In addition, Cliniko provides comprehensive analytical tools that allow users to analyze trends over time and identify areas of improvement. Cliniko's powerful analytics engine helps users understand how their business is performing across multiple metrics.

For example, it enables users to compare revenue growth between different geographical regions or identify which products are selling better than others. This helps them make smarter decisions about pricing strategies and marketing campaigns in order to maximize profits and optimize customer experiences.

Multi-location Support

Multi-location support enables Cliniko users to manage multiple locations from a single account, making it simpler to track and analyze business performance across different sites.

Cliniko's multi-location feature provides users with the ability to easily switch between locations within their account, enabling them to get an overall picture of operations from a single dashboard.

Additionally, this feature allows for easy tracking of financial data such as sales, revenues and expenses in each location. Users can also view patient information such as appointment times and contact details.

This makes it easier to compare performance across different sites and identify areas that need improvement or growth opportunities.

With comprehensive reporting capabilities, Cliniko's multi-location support is critical for businesses with multiple physical locations that want to optimize their operations and maximize profits.


Cliniko offers a range of features to help streamline practice management.

Automated appointment reminders, e-signatures for documents, customisable forms, and treatment note templates allow practices to reduce manual tasks and save time.

Calendar syncing helps ensure accuracy when scheduling appointments, while online payments support fast payment processing.

Furthermore, reporting and analytics give valuable insights into practice performance, and multi-location support ensures businesses can manage multiple locations from a centralised system.

Cliniko is an invaluable tool for practices that want to work more efficiently.

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