How Cliniko Can Help You Improve Your Patient Engagement

October 26, 2023

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How Cliniko Can Help You Improve Your Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is an important factor for any healthcare provider. Cliniko, a cloud-based practice management software, offers features that can help to improve patient engagement.

This includes:

  • Automated appointment reminders

  • Custom forms and questionnaires

  • Secure patient records

  • Automated follow-ups

Additionally, the system provides cloud-based scheduling and access to a patient portal as well as analytics and reports to monitor performance.

Through these features, Cliniko can help healthcare providers increase their levels of engagement with patients. The success of this system relies on the ability of clinicians to make use of its various tools effectively.

By doing so they are able to ensure timely communication with patients and provide them with easy access to their medical information. As such, it is vital that healthcare providers familiarize themselves with the functionality of Cliniko in order to maximize its potential in improving patient engagement.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Automated Appointment Reminders can provide a convenient and reliable way to ensure timely communication between clinicians and their clients.

Cliniko, an online appointment management system, offers automated reminders that can be tailored to each practice’s needs. Patients receive notifications via email or SMS when booked for appointments, and are able to reschedule or cancel if needed. This helps reduce no-shows and keep patients up-to-date on important information related to their visits.

Additionally, the ability for staff members to easily access all patient data in one place allows them to better track engagement levels with each client. Utilizing automated reminders is an efficient way for practices to increase patient engagement while streamlining workflow processes.

Custom Forms and Questionnaires

By utilizing custom forms and questionnaires, organizations can gain valuable insights into their customer base, allowing for more effective strategies to be implemented in order to optimize engagement.

Cliniko offers a variety of customizable tools that allow businesses to design surveys tailored to the needs of their patients. This helps them gain insights into patient satisfaction levels and identify areas of improvement while gathering feedback on services offered.

Additionally, using patient data collected from such forms and questionnaires, medical professionals can develop personalized treatment plans that best fit the individual's needs.

In addition to providing an efficient way to gather vital information about patients' preferences and health concerns, custom forms and questionnaires are also beneficial when it comes to tracking progress over time.

Cliniko makes it easy for medical practitioners to keep track of changes in a patient's condition with automatic reminders sent out prior to follow-up appointments. As a result, clinicians have access to real-time data which allows them better monitor the effectiveness of treatments or medications prescribed as well as any potential risks associated with them.

Secure Patient Records

Storing confidential patient records securely is of paramount importance to ensure the privacy and safety of those in the medical care system.

To this end, Cliniko is an ideal resource for healthcare practitioners who need a secure and organized system for keeping track of their patients' data and records.

Cliniko offers encryption technology that surpasses industry standards, so that all information stored within the platform is kept safe from unauthorized access.

Additionally, clinicians can set up user authentication protocols, such as two-factor authentication, to further protect any sensitive data they store on their accounts.

This way they can be sure that only authorized personnel are able to view or edit patient records.

All this helps to guarantee a high level of security when it comes to patient data protection and ensures peace of mind for medical professionals and their patients alike.

Automated Follow-Ups

Automation of follow-up processes can reduce the time spent on manual tasks, allowing healthcare practitioners to focus their attention on more important aspects of patient care.

Cliniko is an ideal solution for healthcare professionals looking to improve their patient engagement by automating their follow-up processes. Through its convenient and intuitive interface, clinicians are able to quickly set up automated reminders and notifications that will be sent out in a timely manner to ensure patients do not miss appointments or forget about scheduled treatments. The system also allows users to customize the message content according to their preferences and needs. This ensures that each message sent out is tailored specifically for each individual patient, increasing the chances of successful engagement.

Furthermore, it eliminates any potential for human error or delay when sending manual messages and reminders. By utilizing Cliniko's automated follow-up tools, healthcare practitioners are able to maximize their patient engagement while minimizing the amount of time they spend managing follow-ups.

Improved Communication with Patients

Through the use of automated follow-up processes, healthcare practitioners are able to improve their communication with patients and ensure that all messages are sent in a timely manner.

Cliniko helps providers maximize patient engagement by providing them with an efficient way to communicate through text, email, or phone. This ensures that important information is delivered quickly without having to worry about busy schedules or time constraints.

Cliniko also allows for more personalized communication for each patient, allowing practitioners to tailor their messaging based on the individual's needs and preferences.

Practitioners can create custom messages for different groups of patients and even provide additional resources such as links to online forms or educational materials.

By using Cliniko’s automated follow-up system, healthcare providers can spend less time managing communications and more time providing quality care for their patients.

Cloud-Based Scheduling

Cloud-based scheduling offers healthcare providers an efficient way to manage their appointments, allowing them to quickly and easily book, reschedule, and cancel visits. This can help streamline the appointment process for both providers and patients alike.

By implementing cloud-based scheduling technology into a practice, clinicians can offer more convenience for their patients by providing access to real-time availability through any device with internet connectivity - whether it be from a computer at home or mobile phone while on the go. Additionally, this type of technology also allows for automated notifications of upcoming appointments which helps reduce no-shows among patients.

Using cloud-based scheduling is a great way for healthcare providers to improve patient engagement as it allows them to better manage their time and resources in order to focus on providing quality care for each individual patient. It also improves communication between the provider and patient by allowing information about upcoming appointments to be shared more easily.

With cloud-based scheduling, clinicians are able to provide greater flexibility while ensuring they are fulfilling all necessary responsibilities in an efficient manner that benefits both parties involved.

Patient Portal Access

Moving on from cloud-based scheduling, another way that Cliniko can help improve patient engagement is through patient portal access.

By providing a secure and convenient online platform for patients to view their health information, including test results, appointments, medical history and more, Cliniko offers an easy means of communication between healthcare providers and patients. This method of communication is often preferred by both parties as it eliminates the need for physical paperwork or verbal conversations.

Patient portals also give patients the ability to schedule appointments with their provider quickly and easily without having to call in or wait for hours on hold. Patients can also pay bills and review their visit summaries via the portal - eliminating much of the frustration associated with traditional methods of communication.

Not only does this help create a better experience for patients, but it ensures that they are kept informed about their care while reducing time spent dealing with administrative tasks by staff members.

Analytics and Reports

Analytics and Reports provide healthcare practitioners with the data needed to track performance, analyze trends, and make informed decisions. Cliniko provides a comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting tools that enable practitioners to gain insights into their practice’s performance.

With up-to-date patient statistics such as number of appointments per month, average appointment length, or total services rendered in a given time period, clinicians can quickly identify areas for improvement.

Additionally, Cliniko also offers an integrated financial dashboard which allows users to easily generate profit & loss reports and compare budgeted performance with actual results. The platform even features benchmarking tools that allow users to compare the performance of their practice against other similar practices in the area.

All this information helps practitioners ensure they are meeting key objectives efficiently while providing patients with the best care possible. By using Cliniko’s analytics and reporting capabilities, clinicians can save time spent on manual data entry tasks while gaining deeper insights into their practice’s overall performance which will ultimately help improve patient engagement.


Cliniko provides a variety of solutions to assist healthcare practitioners in improving patient engagement.

Automated appointment reminders, custom forms and questionnaires, secure patient records, automated follow-ups, improved communication with patients, cloud-based scheduling and access to the patient portal are all features that Cliniko offers.

These solutions can help doctors reduce missed appointments and create a more efficient office environment. Furthermore, analytics and reports allow healthcare professionals to monitor the quality of care they provide for their patients.

With these tools at hand, healthcare professionals can ensure better outcomes for their patients.

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