How To Get The Most Out Of Cliniko: Tips And Tricks For Practice Management

May 12, 2023

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How To Get The Most Out Of Cliniko: Tips And Tricks For Practice Management

Practice management is a critical part of any medical practice. Cliniko, an online practice management software solution, provides a comprehensive set of tools that can help streamline operations and ensure the best possible patient care.

This article will provide tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Cliniko's features to maximise efficiency and improve patient care. The components covered will include customising settings, utilising reports, setting up appointments, tracking patient information, managing staff members, enhancing security protocols and automating tasks.

Additionally, this article will cover integrating with other software solutions to ensure all aspects of practice management are easily handled. Through these advanced strategies, users can fully utilise Cliniko’s powerful capabilities to optimise their workflow and provide exceptional patient service.

Customising Your Settings

With the ability to tailor settings to one's preferences, this section focuses on customising Cliniko for an optimised experience. Cliniko’s customisation options can help streamline workflow and increase efficiency.

For instance, users can customise their appointment types by adding colours, images or logos corresponding to the service provided. This ensures a quick visual indicator so staff can quickly identify different appointment types at a glance.

Users can also create custom forms for charting notes or collecting patient data during appointments. This helps practitioners quickly access relevant information without manually searching through each patient’s file.

The customisable settings available in Cliniko make it easy for practices to organise and manage their patients efficiently while providing a great user experience.

Utilising the Reports Feature

Exploring the Reports Feature of Cliniko can provide an invaluable resource for streamlining practice operations. It is an effective tool for tracking key performance indicators and providing meaningful insights into how to manage patient data and resources best.

With a wide range of customisable reports available, users can quickly identify trends in their practice and make informed decisions about moving forward. The Reports Feature allows practitioners to analyse customer demographics and spending habits over time, which can help them anticipate future needs and adjust their services accordingly.

Furthermore, it enables users to make better financial decisions by providing detailed income and expense summaries per patient or across multiple patients. This valuable information can be used to create budgets or allocate resources more effectively. Additionally, practitioners can gain insight into which treatments are most popular with patients so that they can adjust the scope of their services if necessary.

By utilising this powerful feature, clinicians will be able to maximise efficiency within their practice and ensure that they are delivering the highest level of care possible for all patients.

Setting Up Appointments

Appointments are essential to a successful practice, and setting up appointments with Cliniko can provide practitioners with a streamlined and organised approach to managing their patient scheduling.

With its intuitive interface, the software enables users to add new appointments and book multiple patients at once quickly. It also allows for flexible appointment types—for both one-time or recurring sessions—as well as providing options for reminders by e-mail or SMS.

Cliniko also streamlines the process of rescheduling existing appointments with its drag-and-drop functionality. This makes it easy to adjust scheduled dates without having to manually delete and reenter information into the system.

The ability to view appointment schedules graphically helps make it easier to identify conflicts between overlapping bookings, while creating custom templates enables users to save time when entering frequently occurring events like weekly checkups or follow-up visits. All of this simplifies practice management and allows practitioners more time for taking care of their patients' needs.

Tracking Patient Information

Streamlining patient information management is an important component of a successful medical practice, and Cliniko provides tools to help facilitate this process.

From entering patient demographics to tracking insurance coverage, Cliniko allows practices to optimise the way they manage their patients’ data. It also offers automated reminders that can be sent via email or text message to remind patients of upcoming appointments, thus helping reduce missed visits.

Cliniko's user-friendly interface makes it easy for staff members to enter and access patient information quickly. With its customizable fields and search capabilities, users can easily find any patient record in seconds.

Moreover, features such as electronic forms allow practices to store all of their forms in one place for easy retrieval whenever necessary. This helps ensure that all relevant information about each patient is readily accessible when needed.

Managing Your Staff

Effectively managing staff is an essential factor for a successful medical practice, and Cliniko offers a range of tools to aid in this process. Through its user-friendly interface, Cliniko provides automated tools to manage employee workloads, assign tasks to colleagues, and track time off requests.

For example, creating customised job roles for each team member allows managers to track who is responsible for which duties easily. Additionally, clinical teams can utilise the app’s resource management system to view projected schedule gaps and quickly identify additional resources.

Cliniko also features multiple communication options that make it easy for teams to stay connected. Managers can choose from group messaging systems or private chat options that allow them to keep their employees in the loop without constantly checking in with each person. This keeps everyone informed on changes in policy or daily schedules while respecting their privacy and creating an overall more efficient workplace environment.

All these combined functions make it easier for medical practices of any size and complexity level to effectively manage staff and ensure smooth operations across all levels of their organisation.

Enhancing Your Security

By leveraging Cliniko's comprehensive security tools, medical practices can take the necessary steps to protect and keep sensitive data confidential.

The platform offers a variety of measures to protect patient information from unauthorised access, such as encryption, password protection, and two-factor authentication.

Moreover, it ensures that all data transferred between practice computers and other systems are fully secure. This eliminates any risk of third parties gaining access to private health information.

Cliniko also provides a secure online portal for patients to access their medical records and make appointments securely without sharing personal details with staff members.

For added peace of mind, Cliniko's security features are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they keep up with the latest industry standards regarding data protection.

In addition, an audit trail allows administrators to track user activities to detect any potentially suspicious activity quickly. This will enable them to identify possible threats on time while also helping them comply with relevant regulations such as HIPAA compliance requirements.

Furthermore, healthcare organisations can take advantage of advanced backup methods offered by Cliniko, which provide complete redundancy in case of unexpected downtime or system failure.

Automating Tasks

Automation allows medical organisations to perform routine tasks quickly and accurately, freeing time and resources for more critical work.

Adopting automation in a healthcare setting can be beneficial in many ways. Automating administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, sending reminders, or processing payments can streamline operations and improve the patient experience.

Automated processes are also helpful in ensuring that all data is accurate and up-to-date. This helps reduce errors and ensure that patient records remain secure.

Additionally, automated processes make it easier to track progress on various projects within the organisation and keep everyone informed about any changes or updates.

Automation ultimately leads to improved efficiency and cost savings for medical organisations, allowing them to focus their resources on providing better patient care.

Integrating with Other Software

Integrating with other software can help healthcare organisations maximise the efficiency of their workflow and optimise their operations. Doing so allows them to seamlessly share data with existing platforms, allowing for cross-platform collaboration and improved patient care.

Cliniko is designed to integrate with popular services like accounting packages, payroll systems, marketing tools, and more. This helps streamline the process by enabling users to access all relevant information in one place. For example, a practice can automatically sync accounting details into Cliniko while sending automated payment reminders via text or email.

Additionally, Cliniko integrates with popular video solutions such as Zoom and Skype, allowing clinicians to offer remote consultations without interruption or delay. Such integrations make it easier for healthcare organisations to operate optimally and provide better patient experiences.


Cliniko offers an array of features to help streamline practice management.

Customising settings, utilising the reports feature, setting up appointments, tracking patient information, managing staff and enhancing security are just a few of the tasks Cliniko helps with.

Automating tasks and integrating with other software can also take practices to the next level.

With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, Cliniko provides an efficient way for practitioners to manage their practice and better serve their clients.

By taking advantage of these options, practitioners can maximise the powerful capabilities that Cliniko offers and ensure successful practice management.

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