How To Set Up Cliniko For Your Healthcare Practice

August 28, 2023

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How To Set Up Cliniko For Your Healthcare Practice

Cliniko is a cloud-based healthcare practice management software that simplifies and streamlines the administrative processes of running a medical practice. It provides healthcare professionals with an efficient and effective way to manage patient records, appointments, payments, and other necessary tasks.

This article will discuss how to set up Cliniko for your healthcare practice; from creating an account to customizing settings and utilizing tools provided by the software.

The setup process is not overly complicated but it does require some level of technical knowledge in order to configure it properly. With some time and effort, any healthcare professional can learn how to set up Cliniko for their practice.

The article will provide guidance on setting up each feature within the system as well as tips on integrating with external software applications and maximizing its potential.

Creating a Cliniko Account

Establishing an account with Cliniko can be a beneficial step to streamline the operations of a medical facility. This cloud-based software allows for users to easily store, track, and manage patient information in one secure location. Cliniko is designed to provide a comprehensive solution that enables providers to easily access data and improve organizational efficiency by automating administrative tasks.

With this system, healthcare practitioners have the tools necessary to effectively manage their practice’s finances, schedule appointments, create reminders for patients, and much more. Additionally, its intuitive interface makes it simple for providers to learn how to use all of its features without needing extensive training or technical support.

By utilizing Cliniko’s capabilities, medical centers are able to save time and resources while providing superior quality care for their patients.

Adding Team Members

Utilizing Cliniko to manage your healthcare practice requires the addition of team members.

To begin this process, you must log in and navigate to the settings page. Once there, you will see a ‘Team’ tab with a corresponding drop-down menu that allows you to add new users or invite existing ones. You can then select the user type from either practitioner, receptionist, or admin. Each role has its own set of privileges which should be taken into account when deciding who will have access to different areas of the system.

When adding a new user, it is important to enter accurate details such as their full name and email address so they can receive an invitation to activate their account on Cliniko.

After selecting the role that best suits their needs, any additional settings such as permission restrictions and password security can be adjusted before sending out an invite for them to accept.

Finally, if required by your practice’s policies, newly added users may need additional verification before being granted access rights to the system.

Setting Up Appointment Calendars

Organizing and managing appointment calendars is paramount in streamlining the patient experience, and with Cliniko, it has never been easier.

Cliniko offers a range of features that make creating and arranging appointments efficient and fast. It allows users to set up multiple providers, each with their own individual calendar, as well as being able to customize the type of appointment slots available. This helps medical practitioners to easily assign available time slots to patients according to their preferred scheduling preferences.

Alongside this, Cliniko also grants users access to an automated booking system where patients can book appointments without having to speak directly with staff members or healthcare providers. Through this system, customers can choose from a variety of appointment types including video conferencing or online consultations which can be tailored for various specialties and disciplines.

Furthermore, clinicians are able to view any upcoming appointments at any given time so that they can plan appropriately for each patient’s visit. With Cliniko's intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set, organizing appointment calendars has never been easier than it is today.

Managing Patient Records

Efficiently managing patient records is a critical component for providing quality care in the healthcare industry. Cliniko offers an effective way to manage these records, allowing healthcare professionals to store patient files and access them remotely from any device with an internet connection. This makes it easy to have up-to-date information available no matter where you are.

Cliniko also provides an intuitive user interface that allows healthcare providers to easily enter new data, update existing records, and keep track of treatments and appointments.

Furthermore, they provide secure storage for sensitive patient information while also making it simple to share data between different medical practices and organizations when necessary. This helps ensure that all relevant parties have access to the most accurate information possible at all times.

Setting Up Payment Processing

Providing reliable payment processing is an essential part of delivering quality healthcare services, and Cliniko offers a convenient solution for streamlining this process. Cliniko makes it easy to accept payments from patients in order to provide them with the best possible care.

Payments can be accepted through various methods such as credit card, debit card, bank transfer or e-wallet. All transactions are securely processed and stored within the platform, providing peace of mind for both clinicians and patients alike.

Additionally, Cliniko allows users to customize their payment settings to adjust for different currencies and payment types. This flexibility ensures that your practice is able to provide tailored solutions for each patient’s financial needs.

Furthermore, reports can easily be generated on demand in order to quickly gain insight into a patient’s financial history at any given time. With these features combined, Cliniko helps make sure that you are able to offer the highest level of service by simplifying the process of managing payments within your practice.

Integrating with Other Software

By seamlessly integrating with other software, Cliniko can enable healthcare practices to optimize their operations and maximize patient satisfaction. This makes it possible for practice owners and medical staff to streamline their processes, reducing the amount of time they must spend on administrative tasks.

Cliniko's integration capabilities allow individuals to access comprehensive patient records that include billing information, appointment scheduling details, clinical notes, referrals, and more. With this data conveniently stored in one place, practitioners are able to provide a better-rounded care experience for their patients.

Using third-party integrations with programs such as Xero Accounting Software or the OpenDental EHR system allows healthcare practices to customize their workflow to meet their individual needs. By taking advantage of Cliniko's robust integration options, practices can eliminate manual entry errors while simplifying data tracking across multiple platforms.

Additionally, clinicians can take advantage of various automated features that help them save time and improve patient care quality. Overall, using Cliniko's integrations is an efficient way for healthcare practices to optimize their operations and offer a better overall patient experience.

Customizing Your Settings

Having integrated cliniko with other software, it is now possible to customize various settings. Setting up the program according to individual preferences can ensure a smooth-running practice for all users.

Customizing settings in cliniko enables healthcare providers and staff to tailor the system according to their specific requirements. This includes options like setting up user roles and access levels, customizing appointment types, configuring payment processes, creating automated workflows and triggers for managing customer communication, among many others.

Taking advantage of these features allows practices to streamline their workflow while maintaining high standards of patient care. Furthermore, sensitive data and information stored on the platform are kept secure at all times by an advanced security system.

Utilizing Cliniko’s Tools and Resources

Utilizing the various tools and resources available through Cliniko can help optimize the efficiency of a healthcare practice.

This comprehensive platform provides an extensive suite of features, allowing for complex and unified management of patient scheduling, data collection, billing, reporting, and more.

Through the use of these tools, healthcare practices are able to streamline their operational processes while combining all the necessary information into one centralized system.

Cliniko also offers helpful resources such as quick start guides for setting up the platform to best suit individualized needs and tutorials on how to get started with its various functions.

Additionally, Cliniko’s customer support team is always available to provide guidance on navigating any technical issue that may arise when using its services.

All of these aspects combined make it easy to seamlessly integrate this software into existing operations while enhancing productivity within a healthcare practice.


Cliniko is a powerful and comprehensive practice management software solution designed to help healthcare practices increase efficiency and productivity while providing patients with better care.

With its wide range of features, customization options, and support resources, Cliniko offers an effective platform for streamlining operations and improving patient satisfaction.

By taking the time to set it up correctly, healthcare practitioners can improve their workflow, keep accurate records of patient information, manage payments quickly and easily, integrate with other software programs for comprehensive data analysis, and use Cliniko’s tools to enhance patient engagement.

With all these benefits available, setting up Cliniko in your healthcare practice is well worth the effort.