How To Use Cliniko To Manage Your Inventory

September 26, 2023

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How To Use Cliniko To Manage Your Inventory

Cliniko is an innovative, cloud-based software solution that helps healthcare practitioners manage their inventory in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

It provides users with the ability to track stock levels, place orders, generate reports and integrate with accounting software.

This article will discuss how Cliniko can be used to effectively manage inventory in healthcare settings.

The core features of Cliniko are designed to simplify the process of managing inventory by providing users with valuable insights into their stock levels and usage patterns.

The platform also offers additional features such as automation capabilities and custom reporting options that allow for more detailed analysis of data.

By utilizing these features, healthcare practitioners can ensure they are well-equipped to handle any changes that arise in their inventory management processes.

Understanding the Basics of Cliniko

Through an understanding of the fundamentals, one can effectively control the resources necessary to execute their business operations.

Cliniko is a comprehensive medical and healthcare practice management software that includes inventory management capabilities. By leveraging its features, users can accurately track stock levels, plan for upcoming orders, monitor product cost and profit margins, and manage supplier relationships. Furthermore, it allows users to set minimum stock levels and generate low-stock notifications when supplies are running low.

In addition to its inventory management capabilities, Cliniko makes it easy to view customer records in real-time as well as automate patient appointment scheduling processes. It also provides powerful analytics tools for tracking sales performance and identifying areas for improvement.

In short, Cliniko’s integrated system can help streamline operations by eliminating manual data entry tasks while providing actionable insights that can be used to improve efficiency and optimize your organization’s use of inventory resources.

Setting Up Your Cliniko Account

Configuring a Cliniko account is the first step towards streamlining operations and improving patient care. Setting up an account with Cliniko requires providing basic contact information, such as name and email address, as well as confirming services offered and setting preferences for appointment types. Once this information has been provided, users have access to Cliniko's comprehensive suite of features for managing inventory and patient records.

In addition to allowing users to customize their accounts, Cliniko also allows them to set up employee profiles that include individualized settings for staff members such as availability preferences, roles within the organization, and other important details. This feature helps ensure that everyone involved in managing inventory can easily track changes in real-time without having to manually update data or documents.

Further, user profiles also make it easy for different teams and departments within the organization to coordinate tasks effectively while ensuring that all patient records are accurately tracked across different systems.

Adding Inventory Details to Cliniko

Once a Cliniko account has been set up, users can begin adding inventory details for tracking and monitoring purposes. This is an important step in creating a successful inventory management system as it allows users to keep track of their products and ensure they have enough stock to meet customer demands.

Adding inventory details to Cliniko is simple and straightforward. Users must first create an item type, which contains general information such as the item’s name, description, category, or any special notes that may be relevant.

Then, each individual product must be added separately with its unique SKU number or barcode so that it can be tracked accurately. Lastly, the quantity of items available should also be made known to prevent overstocking or running out of stock unexpectedly.

With this data in hand, users can easily stay on top of their inventory management needs with confidence.

Tracking Stock Levels

Effective stock level tracking is essential for successful inventory management, and Cliniko provides the tools necessary to achieve this.

Cliniko allows users to track their stock levels with ease, as they can enter all of the current inventory details into their system in order to monitor how much of each product has been sold or used.

This data can then be used to inform purchasing decisions, ensuring that adequate amounts of stock are always available for customers.

Cliniko also enables users to set up automated notifications when certain stock levels have been reached, giving them time to restock before any customer orders come in.

This ensures that there will always be enough product on hand and helps keep customers satisfied with the service provided.

With its comprehensive range of features, Cliniko's stock level tracking system allows businesses to manage and maintain their inventory effectively and efficiently.

Placing Orders Through Cliniko

Through Cliniko, orders can be easily and efficiently placed in order to restock inventory. When placing an order, users have the ability to add each product they wish to purchase with a few simple clicks. The ordering process also allows users to set a specific reorder point for particular items when they reach a certain stock level. This ensures that the user never runs out of the supplies they need in their practice.

Furthermore, Cliniko provides an option for users to view past orders and review what has been ordered previously as well as enabling them to bulk upload multiple orders at once if needed.

Cliniko is designed so that its inventory management features are both intuitive and user-friendly. It makes understanding how much stock needs to be reordered quick and easy which helps save time and money in the long run. Additionally, it offers comprehensive reporting options which allow users to monitor their purchasing activity over time and identify any areas where costs could be reduced or savings increased.

Generating Reports Through Cliniko

Generating reports with Cliniko enables users to gain comprehensive insight into their purchasing activity over time, allowing them to identify areas for cost-reduction or increased savings.

It also helps to ensure that any inventory discrepancies such as damaged items, fraudulent orders, and excess stock are identified quickly.

Reports generated through the platform provide an overview of all purchases made across multiple suppliers and categories so that supply managers have a more accurate picture of their inventory levels.

Additionally, it allows users to filter results by date and product type, enabling them to easily track trends over time and make informed decisions about future purchases.

With easy access to this data, businesses can reduce costs while also ensuring they always have enough on hand to meet customer demand.

Integrating with Accounting Software

Having the ability to generate reports through Cliniko is a great way to keep track of inventory, but it is also important to consider how this data can be integrated with external accounting software. This integration allows businesses to gain access to more comprehensive sets of financial data and make informed decisions about their inventory needs.

In this section, we will review the steps necessary for integrating Cliniko with accounting software. The first step in integrating Cliniko with accounting software is setting up an account with the chosen platform. Once an account has been created, users will need to enable their API access and obtain any necessary keys or tokens that are required by the specific application they are using.

Once these items have been acquired, they should be entered into the settings page within Cliniko so that it can connect properly with the outside platform. Following this, users must map out which types of data from Cliniko should sync over, such as details on product sales and purchases. Finally, users may need to configure additional settings depending on their desired functionality for a particular integration before saving all changes and allowing them to take effect.

Utilizing Cliniko's Additional Features

By leveraging the additional features of Cliniko, businesses can further optimize their inventory management processes.

Cliniko provides a variety of tools to aid users in managing their inventory and tracking product levels. The stock control feature allows users to monitor stock levels and order new supplies when necessary. Furthermore, the alert system informs users when they need to reorder products or restock items that have been sold.

In addition, clinicians are able to track patient-specific inventory such as medical devices or custom treatments with ease. This makes it easier for businesses to keep up with demand and ensure that all orders are fulfilled on time.

With the help of these powerful features, businesses can simplify their inventory management process and make sure that stocks are always adequately supplied.


Cliniko is an invaluable resource for managing inventory. It can be used to record and track stock levels, place orders, generate reports, and even integrate with accounting software.

With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, Cliniko can help streamline the process of tracking inventory and provide valuable insights into a company's operations.

By taking advantage of all that Cliniko has to offer, businesses will be able to increase efficiency in their operations while simultaneously saving time and money.

Ultimately, Cliniko provides an effective solution for keeping tabs on inventory efficiently and accurately.

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