Managing Your Billing With Cliniko: A Comprehensive Guide

May 12, 2023

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Managing Your Billing With Cliniko: A Comprehensive Guide

Cliniko is a comprehensive billing management software designed to help healthcare professionals manage their expenses. The platform enables users to create and customize invoices, automate payment reminders, set up payment plans, manage patient accounts, process credit card payments, generate reports and analytics, and integrate with third-party software.

This guide provides an overview of the features offered by Cliniko in order to help healthcare professionals effectively manage their billing processes. The guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use each feature of the software and discuss best practices for managing billing processes.

Additionally, it will cover strategies for troubleshooting any issues encountered while using Cliniko as well as offer advice on how to optimize its use in order to maximize efficiency. With these tips and tricks in mind, healthcare professionals will be able to confidently utilize the features of Cliniko to better streamline their billing operations.

Getting Started with Cliniko

An introduction to the world of streamlined practice management awaits in this section on getting started with Cliniko.

Cliniko is a comprehensive and secure cloud-based software platform that simplifies billing and practice management for health professionals. Not only does it provide tools for scheduling, record keeping, and patient data tracking, but also helps manage patient files automatically and makes it easier for healthcare providers to get paid quickly.

Cliniko’s features are tailored specifically for medical practices, making it easy to customize the system to fit their particular needs. With access to real-time updates on patient appointments and other activity, users can stay up-to-date on their accounts without having to manually check them all the time.

The user interface is designed so that anyone can pick it up quickly, while its powerful search bar allows users to locate information easily within their account. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a larger clinic, Cliniko is an ideal solution for managing your billing needs quickly and efficiently.

Creating and Customizing Invoices

Crafting and customizing invoices is an essential part of effective medical practice administration. Cliniko makes the process of creating accurate and professional-looking invoices simple, so practitioners can quickly move on to other tasks.

With a few clicks, users can customize their invoices with their branding and clinic information, add in patient details, as well as services provided. Once they are happy with the layout and design of their invoice template, they can save it for easy reuse when generating future invoices.

Additionally, Cliniko allows users to easily include payment options within the invoice itself, such as credit card or bank transfer information. This feature enhances the convenience for patients who may prefer one method over another when settling payments for services rendered.

All these features make billing easier for practitioners while ensuring that patient payments reach them quickly and securely.

Automating Payment Reminders

Automating payment reminders can help streamline the billing process and ensure timely payments from patients. This type of automation allows clinics to send out timely reminders to their clients that their bill is due, ensuring no payments are missed. It also eliminates the need for manual follow-up, allowing staff members more time to focus on other tasks.

Cliniko offers a way for practitioners to customize automated reminders through their platform, making it easy for them to keep track of client payments. The system automatically sends out an email or SMS message when the payment is due, with customizable text and graphics that can be tailored to match your clinic's branding.

Reminders are sent at regular intervals until the balance has been paid in full, helping you stay on top of unpaid invoices and reduce overdue accounts receivable. Automating payment reminders helps streamline your billing processes while also providing a reliable reminder system that ensures clients pay on time and keeps your accounts up-to-date.

Setting Up Payment Plans

Payment plans provide patients with the option to pay their bills over time, allowing them to budget for their medical expenses more easily. Cliniko offers the ability to set up payment plans for patients, which can be tailored to meet the needs of both patient and practice.

Payment plan options can include weekly, monthly or quarterly payments; and allow practices to determine when payments are due and if there is a late fee associated with missed payments. This feature makes it easy for practices to set up payment plan options that work best for them and their clients.

By setting up payment plans within Cliniko, practices have greater control over billing and can ensure all financial obligations are satisfied in a timely manner. Practices also have access to detailed reports of all payment plans so they can track progress towards full payment.

Furthermore, this feature helps streamline processes as staff no longer need spend time manually tracking down payments from each patient or sending reminders about upcoming payments - everything is automated within Cliniko’s system!

Managing Patient Accounts

Patients are able to manage their accounts within Cliniko, providing them with an efficient and effective way to keep track of their medical expenses. With the ability to view invoices and make payments online, users have the convenience of being able to access all this information from anywhere in the world.

This allows for greater transparency and accountability when it comes to managing finances. Cliniko also offers features that help patients stay on top of their bills such as notifications for upcoming payments or reminders about unpaid invoices.

They can quickly review account statements, view payment histories, and even set up recurring payments if they prefer. All these features allow patients to easily manage their accounts without ever having to visit a physical office or wait in line at a counter.

Processing Credit Card Payments

Having discussed the importance of managing patient accounts, let us now turn our attention to processing credit card payments.

Credit cards are a popular payment option for many patients and it is important for healthcare providers to be able to accept them in order to provide convenient service to their customers.

This article seeks to explain how Cliniko's billing system can help healthcare providers process credit card payments efficiently and securely.

Cliniko offers several options for processing credit card payments.

With its integrated payment gateway, clinicians can quickly and easily add a credit card form into any appointment invoice or quote they generate within the system.

Patients can then enter their details on the secure form and submit their payment with just one click.

Additionally, Cliniko allows users to store customer payment information so that future payments can be processed in just a few clicks without having to enter all of the details again.

All of this ensures that clinicians have secure and reliable access to patient funds while providing an easy and convenient experience for both parties involved in the transaction.

Generating Reports and Analytics

Generating comprehensive reports and analytics is an essential component of managing patient accounts. By using reporting capabilities, healthcare professionals are better able to analyze their data, gain insight into trends, and make decisions that can help improve patient care.

Cliniko's reporting tools provide a simple way for users to create reports quickly, saving time and energy. With the ability to filter by date range or specific criteria such as practitioner or appointment type, users can generate various types of reports that give them an in-depth view of their practice. Reports can be generated from any page within the app, allowing users to easily access the data they need when they need it. Furthermore, these reports are exportable so that users can further analyze their data offline if needed.

The analytics provided by Cliniko allow healthcare professionals to assess how well their practice is performing overall and where improvements may be necessary. For example, practitioners can use analytics to measure no-show rates or track changes in revenue over time. Data visualization tools such as charts and graphs also help make understanding large amounts of information easier and more visually appealing than traditional spreadsheets or tables filled with numbers.

By having access to this valuable information, providers are empowered with the knowledge they need to grow their practices while providing quality care for patients alike.

Integrating with Third-Party Software

Integrating with third-party software provides healthcare professionals the ability to expand their practice capabilities and improve patient care.

Cliniko offers a range of integrations that allow clinicians to connect with other systems such as accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, payment processing, calendar scheduling, online booking, and more.

By connecting Cliniko with these external applications, users can take advantage of automated processes that streamline workflow and eliminate manual data entry. This helps to reduce errors and save time for healthcare practitioners who are already stretched for resources.

Additionally, integrating with third-party software allows users to access patient information securely in real-time from any device or location. This expands the reach of medical practices by allowing them to offer services virtually while ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations and other security protocols.

Cliniko's integrations put user convenience and data security at the forefront while providing tools needed to run a successful medical practice efficiently.


Cliniko is an effective tool for managing billing and payments. With its comprehensive set of features, it allows businesses to easily customize invoices, automate payment reminders, set up payment plans, manage patient accounts and process credit card payments.

It also provides a range of reporting and analytics capabilities that enable users to gain valuable insights into their financial operations. Additionally, Cliniko has the ability to integrate with a variety of third-party software options for enhanced functionality.

All in all, Cliniko offers an efficient solution for managing billing and payments within any organization.

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