The Best Cliniko Add-Ons For Your Practice

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August 29, 2023

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The Best Cliniko Add-Ons For Your Practice

Cliniko is a powerful practice management platform that helps streamline and simplify the daily operations of healthcare providers. With a range of add-ons, Cliniko offers healthcare professionals an array of options to enhance their workflow.

This article will discuss the best Cliniko add-ons available for practices looking to increase efficiency and productivity. The featured add-ons will cover automated appointments, medical forms and surveys, digital payments, patient education and communication, telehealth solutions, clinical notes and documentation, reporting and analytics, as well as a practice management dashboard.

By offering comprehensive features such as these, Cliniko provides healthcare professionals with a comprehensive package of tools to help them better serve their patients.

Automated Appointments

Automated Appointments offer the potential to streamline scheduling processes for medical practices. It allows for quick and easy access to appointment times, availability and any changes or updates that may occur in real-time. This automation saves time and energy on a daily basis, as it eliminates many of the manual steps associated with scheduling appointments.

Additionally, this service can help increase patient satisfaction by allowing them to book appointments at their convenience without having to call or visit a practice in person. Automated Appointments also provide an opportunity for medical practices to receive feedback from their patients about the process, ensuring they are providing top-notch customer service.

As such, Automated Appointments is an excellent addition to any medical practice looking to improve its scheduling efficiency and customer experience.

Medical Forms & Surveys

Through the utilization of Medical Forms & Surveys, a practice can quickly gather important patient data and gain insights into patient preferences. With these tools, clinicians have the ability to collect valuable information from patients efficiently and securely. This data can then be used to improve the overall quality of care provided by the practice.

Additionally, it allows for greater insight into how patients feel about their treatment and what they would like to see improved in future visits.

Medical Forms & Surveys also help practices evaluate their staff’s performance and identify areas of improvement or training needed. It provides an effective method for gathering feedback from both patients and staff that can help streamline processes and boost overall satisfaction levels.

These forms are easy to set up and manage, allowing practitioners to focus more on providing quality healthcare rather than worrying about paperwork or administrative tasks. Cliniko add-ons make it even easier to utilize this powerful tool, helping practices create customized surveys tailored to meet their individual needs.

Digital Payments

Digital Payments offer a convenient and secure method for collecting payment, enabling practices to reduce administrative costs while improving customer satisfaction.

Cliniko add-ons such as Stripe, eWay, and Square make it easy for practices to accept digital payments from their clients. Payment processing through these services is generally PCI compliant, meaning that both the practice and the client can rest assured that their financial information is being handled securely.

The inclusion of digital payments on an invoice also allows practices to streamline the collection process by providing flexibility in how clients can pay. This helps ensure that invoices are paid quickly and reduces the amount of time spent on manual data entry or chasing overdue payments.

In addition, digital payment systems provide practitioners with valuable insights into their cash flow as they can easily track who has paid and when—providing a comprehensive overview of their business finances at any given moment.

Patient Education & Communication

Effective patient education and communication can play an integral role in improving overall care delivery. An effective patient-provider relationship is essential to ensure that patients are provided with the information they need to make informed decisions about their health.

Through patient education, clinicians are able to provide patients with the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding their condition, learning about treatment options, and managing their health. Additionally, clear communication between providers and patients helps build trust between them which can lead to improved outcomes.

Efficient tools are necessary for providing effective patient education and communication. Cliniko add-ons such as telemedicine systems and automated appointment reminders allow providers to easily communicate with patients before, during, and after appointments. These add-ons also help improve efficiency by streamlining administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments or sending educational materials via email or text message.

In addition, online resources such as videos or interactive quizzes can be used to provide additional educational content for patients outside of the clinic setting.

Telehealth Solutions

Telehealth solutions provide patients with a convenient and accessible way to receive medical care from their provider. Using telehealth technology, clinicians can offer remote consultations, diagnoses, and treatment plans without requiring the patient to visit an office in person. This allows for greater flexibility for both parties, as it eliminates wasted time travelling back-and-forth and creates an opportunity for more efficient communication between the clinician and patient.

When using telehealth services, clinicians have access to a variety of tools that make communication easier. These include video conferencing software, secure messaging platforms, document sharing capabilities, digital forms that can be completed remotely, and automated appointment reminders.

All of these features help reduce paperwork while still providing healthcare providers with important information about their patients’ conditions. Additionally, many of these tools are available on mobile devices so that they can be accessed anytime and anywhere by both the clinician and the patient.

Clinical Notes & Documentation

Clinical notes and documentation are integral components of a successful telehealth practice, as they provide a comprehensive record of the care provided to patients. They can be used to document patient visits, medical history, medications prescribed and any other information that may help in providing optimal healthcare services.

Cliniko add-ons for clinical notes and documentation enable clinicians to capture this data more efficiently so that it is easily accessible for review at a later stage. By streamlining the process of capturing clinical information, health professionals can manage their practices more effectively while ensuring accuracy and completeness of records.

The use of cliniko add-ons for clinical notes and documentation also helps in improving patient care by allowing healthcare providers to quickly access relevant patient data from any location. This ensures timely diagnosis and treatment decisions are made with the most current information available.

Furthermore, clinicians can also generate reports based on these digital records which can be used to track trends or patterns in the patient’s health over time. These reports can then be shared with other healthcare providers or insurers if necessary, ensuring continuity of care across teams within an organization or beyond its boundaries.

Reporting & Analytics

Through the use of reporting and analytics, telehealth professionals can gain insights into patient health trends in order to better inform their care decisions.

Cliniko is a popular practice management platform that offers a range of add-ons for reporting and analytics, making it easier than ever for telehealth professionals to access accurate data about their patients’ health.

With these tools, practitioners can quickly identify any anomalies or patterns in patient health outcomes and make more informed decisions about how best to serve them. Cliniko’s add-ons allow healthcare providers to visualize their data easily, while also giving them the ability to filter through specific records to track performance over time.

This allows practitioners to look at key indicators such as wait times, appointment frequency, average visit length, and other important metrics which help them determine whether they are providing the best possible care for their patients. Additionally, clinicians can use this information to modify workflow processes and develop strategies for improving overall service delivery.

Practice Management Dashboard

Practice management dashboards provide telehealth professionals with a comprehensive view of their patient data, allowing them to identify trends and make informed decisions regarding care. Such insight can help healthcare providers understand how the practice is performing, track clinical outcomes, and assess the overall success of their operations.

By leveraging this information, clinicians are able to adjust practices as necessary while providing top-notch patient care. Cliniko's practice management dashboard provides users with an array of features that allow them to optimize their workflow and boost efficiency. For example, its reporting tool allows practitioners to monitor activity and performance metrics such as appointment volume or revenue per provider.

Additionally, it enables users to customize views according to various factors such as location or procedure type for more detailed insights into the practice. This powerful tool gives healthcare providers an overview of how well their clinics are doing so they can make well-informed decisions about where to focus efforts moving forward.


The right set of cliniko add-ons can make a huge difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of any healthcare practice.

Automated appointment systems can streamline patient scheduling, while digital payments allow for easy and secure transactions.

Patient education and communication tools improve understanding between doctor and patient, while telehealth solutions offer greater access to medical care.

Clinical notes and documentation support efficient record keeping, while reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into performance metrics.

Finally, a practice management dashboard consolidates all data into one convenient view.

By taking advantage of these powerful cliniko add-ons, practices can enjoy improved workflow, better communication, enhanced security and more robust business intelligence capabilities.